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I want to report a rule breaker/appeal my ban! How do I do that?

You can use the forms at The Artemis's Enjin forums. There you can ask questions and fill out reports and appels. If you want to report a player in game, you can also use the /report command.

What are your different social media accounts?

You can find that out using /discord, /twitter, or /website on the server.

Where can I apply for staff?

Luckily, our staff application team set up a sub channel in The Artemis discord channel. You can join the channel by either clicking this link, or by using the /discord command on the server.

Contact Info

Our No-Reply Email: [email protected]
We will likely get back to you in 24 hours. At least one staff member is usally on at The Artemis Discord server.
Thank you for playing on The Artemis Network!